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co.Tec Releases Software Breakthrough that Puts Money Back into Schools with Solution to Eliminate Printing Waste for Schools. Schools Can Now Save Hundreds, Even Thousands of Euros Every Month
Rosenheim, Germany
08 June 2005
co.Tec, the premier IT software provider for the German speaking education market and Software Shelf International, Inc., a global software solutions company, today announced the release of the special School version of Print Manager Plus software to eliminate printing waste and save schools hundreds or even thousands of Euros every month. According to a recently released study of 800 schools using Print Manager Plus, the number one problem it solved was elimination of printing waste (and inability to account for printing) – and by use of Print Manager Plus software, their savings amounted to €813.00 every month for the average school.

According to company spokesperson, Rudi C. Loehwing, “Many schools just cannot afford large, expensive solutions. They don't have the resources or time to train staff. They need an inexpensive and easy to use but effective software solution to account for and allow for restriction of student printing.”

“In times of meager budgets it is necessary for schools to save money where it makes the most sense. Print Manager Plus gives schools the chance to avoid unnecessary costs. The money saved can better be invested in the education of our children – where it is better spent than in the waste-paper basket. " says Stefan Schätti, President of co.Tec

“Before using the Print Manager Plus program our printing was more than double that of today so it saves us 30,000 pages (€1,000.00 ) a month,” said Jan Thielemans of Katholieke Universitie Leuven, Belgium.

The co.Tec release of Print Manager Plus is unique as it is licensed at an exceptionally low price to make it easier for all schools to get it. The average school can save enough money to pay for the software in a few weeks and that savings continues month after month. Print Manager Plus is licensed by over 10,000 customers including thousands of schools, government agencies and small, medium and large companies worldwide.

Software Shelf and Print Manager Plus are trademarks owned by Software Shelf in the U.S. and other countries.

For further information contact:
Bill Feeley
Print Manager
Phone: 650-521-5271