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Print Manager Plus® Release Station 2008 Web-Based Tool with PayPal and Credit Card Integration is the latest release from Software Shelf Software Shelf Launches New Pay-Per-Print Solution.
San Francisco, California - London, England
09 December 2007
Software Shelf International, Inc. today announced the launch of Print Manager Plus Release Station 2008, an add-on to their market-leading print management tool, Print Manager Plus.

Release Station 2008 comes with credit card and PayPal integration which means that users can now easily pay for each individual job they print, or top up their own print accounts, using PayPal or their credit card. This is a 100% web-based print management (as well as print accounting and print control) system which has been molded to fit any library or computer lab environment for ease of use and complete affordability. Users can monitor, hold and complete payment in one easy click. One uses the web-based Release Station interface to allow a patron's job to be printed, and no extra hardware or cash machines are needed.

Once the product is installed, it operates as a native extension to Windows. Its ease of use has made it the #1 Print Management software on the market today in terms of technical stability, quality and cost.

This new tool is ideal for organisations that provide central networked printing (through a printer server or workgroup), such as schools, libraries, internet cafés or anywhere that offers a printing service. Lack of control and accountability in this area can become a major drain on finances. Implementation of Print Manager Plus Release Station 2008 can save an organisation substantial amounts in paper and ink as well as in administrative manpower.

Software Shelf Product Manager, Mr. Danny Byrnes states, 'The Release station add-on has been very popular with those existing Print Manager Plus users, for whom Release Station 2008 was installed on a pre-release basis over the past 6 months. The schools and libraries, worldwide, that participated all reported a significant reduction in costs as a result.

An added benefit of the system derives from the fact that management of the users' printing accounts is done by the users themselves, thereby reducing administrative and accounting demands on library or school staff.

Other benefits of Print Manager Plus Release Station 2008 include:
  • Secure printing: Increased security for the user since the print job only starts to print once it is paid for - via a workstation located by the printer. This also prevents the stack of wasted paper sitting at the printer at the end of the day that no one ever came to collect.
  • Approved/Managed printing: When a user sends a print job to the printer, a pop-up message appears on their screen asking them to see the teacher or person at the front desk (as in a library) who will release their job upon receipt of payment, if required.
  • Account Balance Management: With the new credit card and PayPal integration, management of the users' printing accounts can now be done by the user and so reduce administrative costs. Users can pay for individual jobs themselves or add credit to their account balance if they run out while using the Release Station option.
Print Manager Plus Release Station 2008, which is a native extension of the Windows operating system with seamless Active Directory integration, supports all brands of printer and prints from all operating systems, where printing through a Windows Print Server. Print Manager Plus is verified and logo-certified by Microsoft and has been featured by Microsoft as the Public Sector 'Solution of the Month- for 18 months in a row.

About Software Shelf
Software Shelf was established in 1994 in Silicon Valley by William Feeley. Its flagship product, the print monitoring tool Print Manager Plus, is used by thousands of companies, schools, libraries and government offices worldwide, including: Yale University, Harvard University, Oxford University, Morgan Stanley, British Library and Microsoft. The company has offices in the US and UK as well as 150 partners with resellers in over 60 countries. Software Shelf was awarded the Hewlett-Packard Outstanding Partner of the Year Award in 2007. Software Shelf and Print Manager Plus are trademarks owned by Software Shelf worldwide.

For further information contact:
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