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Software Breakthrough that Puts Money into Schools Showcased at Biggest Education Conference in History. Print Manager Plus® Showcased at National Education Computing Conference.
San Francisco, California - Clearwater, Florida
27 June 2005
Award winning Print Manager Plus saving the average school over $1,000.00 every month while paying for itself in three weeks, according to a new education sector study, is the printer network accounting software solution being showcased at the world’s largest educational technology conference, the National Education Computing Conference starting June 27th in Philadelphia. The conference is expected to include over 15,000 registered attendees from 50 countries. Unlike some other education conferences, this one is exclusively dedicated to technology issues for schools and universities.

According to industry studies, Print Manager Plus, made by Software Shelf International, Inc. is one of the biggest money saving software tools ever for schools where student printing is out of control. Gartner recently reported that companies spend from 1-3 percent of their annual revenues on the cost of printing. Schools spend comparatively more due to student populations far exceeding numbers of employees.

IT solutions that attempted to control the problem traditionally required expensive hardware components, costly training or outsourcing with ongoing costs. None of their other software is Microsoft certified. Print Manager Plus requiring no hardware add-ons and no training is Microsoft verified and logo certified for Windows while still controlling printing from all other operating systems and all printer brands. It is easy to use and pays for itself in three weeks in an average school of 1,000 students according to findings from a commissioned study of 800 schools released this month by Software Shelf. The study showed the average school saved over $1,000 monthly using Print Manager Plus and the savings is brought in month after month opening a flow of new budget money to schools, money that is now freed up for curricula, teaching and other school necessities.

Attendees of the Conference can get more information on Print Manager Plus directly from Software Shelf executives at conference booth 4906 or from Hewlett-Packard staff there who are advancing Print Manager along with other companies including Dell.

Software Shelf and Print Manager Plus are trademarks owned by Software Shelf in the U.S. and other countries.

For further information contact:
Bill Feeley
Print Manager
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