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Software Shelf April E-Update Release for Print Manager Plus Seamlessly Deploys Printing Bandwidth Reporting Functionality to Improve Printing and Network Performance. Print Manager Plus is a Native Extension of Window with Seamless Active Directory Integration and New Vista Support.
Palo Alto, California - London, England
03 April 2007
Software Shelf today announced the release of multiple device and user bandwidth reporting for Print Manager Plus® (PMP) print management software through its Live E-update Service. The Live E-update seamlessly integrates this newest package of reports into PMP installations from small to Fortune 100 networks with the click of a button.

Insufficient bandwidth is a common issue among network engineers. Printing is usually one of the main contributors to this problem, as documents of even moderate size can choke bandwidth, causing lost print jobs and slow application performance.

Software Shelf Present Bill Feeley says, “PMP’s new bandwidth reports package is an important tool for any organization. Our E-update service is a great way to enable our customers to get this (and other new features as they are tested and proven) without having to wait for major upgrades. Our development team works tirelessly to deliver the highest quality and best value to our customers. We do this because customer loyalty is important to us. Few enterprise software companies provide any kind of E-update service comparable to ours. We do this because we listen attentively to our customers and need a vehicle to deliver without delay – our E-update service is how we deliver the solutions they most need with speed.”

Customers wanted a tool within PMP to help them solve situations where slow print jobs were causing user frustration, reducing productivity, or bogging down application or network performance. The new PMP reports now put the knowledge at the administrator’s fingertip so the problem can be more rapidly and efficiently controlled.

The newest PMP features released by E-update include tracking PostScipt N-Up to ensure that the proper page count is tracked when users select multiple pages per sheet. There are many new reports (in addition to the over 100 already available) to track printing by Bandwidth:

Features Include:
  • Summary for total Print Bandwidth by User
  • Summary for total Print Bandwidth by Printer
  • Summary for total Print Bandwidth by Print Server
  • Summary for total Print Bandwidth by Workstation
  • Detailed History for Print Jobs over X byte size
  • Top 10 Users by Print Bandwidth
  • Top 10 Printers by Print Bandwidth
  • Top 10 Workstations by Print Bandwidth
  • Top 10 Print Servers by Print Bandwidth
  • Graph of Print Bandwidth by Month and Week
  • Graph of Print Bandwidth by Day and Hour
Optimizing performance within a printing network environment is primarily affected by placement within the network and printer-user load. Having these new PMP reports makes it possible to know and control print usage to distribute printing functionality throughout the network, increase reliability, discover points of failure, denote printers to upgrade, minimize business disruption due to printing and network bandwidth overload and lower the total cost of ownership.

PMP runs as a service on Windows print servers and is compatible with all Windows versions including Vista.

Print Manager Plus supports all printers on the market.

PMP controls, accounts for and reports all printing of each user and device from every operating system (Unix, Macintosh and others) where printing is spooling though a Windows print server.

It is the only print job accounting and management software that is not only verified and logo certified by Microsoft, but also native to and integrated with Windows with its look and feel as an extension of Windows.

PMP is excellent value-for-money and priced fairly so the vast majority of organizations of very kind can afford it. It’s licensed simply per print server. The cost is $995 for an average organization with a thousand users.

PMP pricing is unique because there is no extra charge for service, tech support, updates or upgrades.

Print Manager Plus requires no training for an average IT person familiar with Windows. It installs and is operating within minutes in the average organization with even thousands of users.

It is featured as Microsoft Public Sector “Solution of the Month” for March having maintained that status for the previous 17 months. No other job accounting software has been so validated by Microsoft nor ever been chosen as Microsoft Solution of the Month.

An industry study of 950 organizations using PMP with mixed printer brands showed that 63 percent of the respondents considered it so important that if HP would have provided PMP to them, they would have switched all their printers to the HP brand.

Microsoft made Print Manager Plus accessible to all schools and universities worldwide this year upon the release of Microsoft Learning Network Manager (LNM) to all schools and universities in all countries. LNM includes a link to download a time-limited version of PMP free. No third party tool is included in LNM except Print Manager Plus. LNM helps schools save money for their budgets and Print Manager Plus is a tool that directly and quickly helps achieve this purpose.

For further information contact:
Bill Feeley
Print Manager
Phone: 650-521-5271