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Software Shelf's Print Manager Plus Attains a 50% Saving on all Printing Costs Results show that implementing Software Shelf's print control software is a sensible and practical way to improve the bottom line. That’s good news in these financially insecure times.
Clearwater, Florida and London, England
12 November 2008
Software Shelf International, Inc. is proud to announce the results of a recently conducted client survey which looked into the degree to which Print Manager Plus - its leading print control and monitoring software - reduces the printing costs of its clients.

The key findings were that: the software can save between 30% to 50% of all printing costs, and that the software usually pays for itself, easily, within its free 30-day evaluation period. This is because it has an instant effect on the consumption of toner, paper, printer wear and tear and IT resources.

“This all adds up to huge savings,” says Software Shelf CEO, William Feeley. “Print Manager Plus not only audits all aspects of printing, but also allows an organization to fully control its printing with quotas, restrictions and reports. This control and report data can be used to cut back on wasted printing, restrict any aspect of printing, fully utilize current print resources, and fully account for all printing expenses. And so, this usually hidden expense can now be fully accounted for and controlled,” he concludes.

Because Print Manager Plus allows companies to successfully audit, restrict, quota and control print traffic over any network and any heterogeneous environment, they can really control their printing and so not only gain instant and complete return on investment, but also achieve a massive reduction in costs.

Auditing and Reporting Includes:
  • Over 130 individual reports, statements, and charts.
  • Reports by User, Groups, OU, Workstation, Server, Accounts, Client, Billing Code.
  • Detailed Savings Reports.
  • Audit heterogeneous network environments.
  • Supports Work Groups, Active Directory and LDAP.
  • Printers Audited includes: Dot Matrix, Inkjets, Laser Jets, Multifunctional devices, Large Format Printers, and Plotters.
  • Print Job data collected is: Time/Date Printed, Document Title, Document Type, Page Count, Copy Count, Page Size, Print Job Size, Black and White Output, Color Output, Duplex, N-Up, Large Format Printing by Inches and Centimetres.
Printing Restrictions Include:
  • Deny printing for print jobs over certain number of pages.
  • Deny printing if the number of copies exceeds.
  • Deny printing if the document size is greater than.
  • Deny printing if the document is reprinted within so many seconds.
  • Deny or Allow printing if the document title contains specific keywords.
  • Deny printing if the document is color.
  • Deny printing if the document is Black and White.
  • Enable Date/Time Restrictions.
Printing Quotas Include:
  • Set a currency quota to a user.
  • Set a page quota to a user.
  • Set a quota by user by printer or group of printers.
  • Reset or Increase quotas automatically.
Printing Security and Authentication:
  • Set print job verification.
  • Set print job authentication by user password.
  • Set print job authentication by username and password.
  • Set print job client billing verification.
  • Set print job client billing authentication by client password.
  • Set print job client billing authentication by user password.
  • Set print job client billing authentication by username and password.
  • Allow users to create client accounts on the fly.
  • Allow users to add comments to their print job.
  • Allow batch printing.
About Software Shelf
Software Shelf was established in 1994 in Silicon Valley by Bill Feeley. Its flagship product Print Manager Plus is used by thousands of companies, schools and government offices worldwide. The company provides tech support from its offices in the US and UK and from its partners and resellers in 62 countries.

For further information contact:
Bill Feeley
Print Manager
Phone: 650-521-5271