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Is your network set up with printing using Direct IP (All the workstations print directly to the IP Address of the printer) or are you using a Print Server?

Direct IP   Print Server

If using a Print Server is this a Windows Server (Or Workstation Acting as a Print Server)?

Windows Server Workstation

If using a Print Server set up, how many Print Servers are you interested in monitoring the print traffic from?

How many total (Not Concurrent) users will you need to track?

How many total Printers would you like to track?

Do you have any workstation Connected Printers that you also want to track, if so how many?

Is your network Peer to Peer (Work Group) or a domain?

Peer to Peer (Work Group) Domain

If a Domain what type of Domain is this? Windows Active Directory, Windows NT Domain (Non Active Directory) Unix, Netware, etc.

Do you have a SQL server in your network?

Yes   No

Check the items below you are interested in:

Tracking print traffic for full reporting.
Applying a quota system.
Applying restrictions to users or user groups.
Forcing a POP Up for the user that is printing to be able to enter a Customer Name, Account Code, Client Matter Code, Project Code, etc...
Forcing a POP Up for the user to enter a user name and password before the print job is printed.
Forcing a POP Up giving the user the details about a print job before the job is actually printed for a Final Verification.
Require the user to go to the Printer Location and Authenticate their job before it is printed.

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Please note any other requirements, please state if this is a "must have" or "nice to have".