Print Manager Plus® redefines print management by giving businesses unprecedented control, access and insight into their printing.

Perfected over decades of use in organizations around the world, the cutting-edge software solution represents the very best in support and technology aimed at reducing costs, cutting waste and providing greater printing intelligence.

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What Our Clients Say

  • We needed to be able to identify what, who and where information was being printed. With Print Manager software and reporting, we are able to track printer usage, advise on and troubleshoot any printer abuse, and direct staff training to ensure that colleagues understand the appropriate use of printers for standard file types.

    Manager, Marsh USA Inc.
  • We implemented Print Manager Plus to assess our printing operations and develop a plan to reduce cost. The software was easy to install and setup on our server. We were then able to look at each individual printer costs and determine that we could save about $2,000 per year just by moving users to the most cost effective printer.

    Chris Noyes, I.S. Technical Specialist, Florida League of Cities
  • In an open academic environment printing costs can quickly spiral out of control. With Print Manager Plus, we have been able to curb our over- zealous users with a simple, cross-platform solution.

    Bryan Lewis, School of Information Management and Systems University of California at Berkeley
  • Print Manager Plus gave us the ability to make students and teachers accountable for what they print and how much. Users are now pausing before they print, and with the ability to set limits to print jobs, the 100 page books that were being sent are a thing of the past. Print Manager Plus is a great product for taking back control over spiraling print cost and saving the environment from wasteful printing.

    Administrator, Wesley Chapel High School
  • To find employment or to succeed in school, access to a computer and to the Internet is indispensable. We estimate that our new partnership with Print Manager helped us address the funding gap by reducing print related costs by as much as 50% at our Millenium Learning Centre.

    Michel Gervais, Executive Director, Vanier Community Service Centre
  • Thank you for installing the software that limits the number of copies that can be printed at one time. It has proven to be a useful tool to help staff manage resources and a great cost saving tool for our organization. With the installation of Print Manager, we now use 30% less paper and ink cartridges!

    Kathleen Verdon, Manager, Good neighborhood Community House

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